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Abstract Colour Fields

2023 | 2D computer animation | 2'52 | Ultra HD 4K and HD1080 | colour | sound

Produced, directed, animated, edited by Sabrina Schmid
copyright © 2023, sabrina schmid, melbourne, australia

'Abstract Colour Fields' (2023) by animator Sabrina Schmid, is an abstract animation created through digital painting frame by frame, experimenting with colour fields and expressive painterly marks. The animation is set to original music by the musician and composer David Allardice.


This film version includes a voice improvisation and first screened at the Melbourne International Animation Festival, in the Official Opening Australian Showcase, on Sunday 7th May 2023, at the Treasury Theatre.
Festival link:


The film is also selected to screen at the Animaze - Montreal International Animation Film Festival, Canada, 17-19 September 2023 Festival link:

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