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Abstract Iterations II

2015 | 2D computer animation | 4’21 | HD1080 | colour | sound
Produced, directed, animated, edited by Sabrina Schmid

copyright © 2015, sabrina schmid, united kingdom

This abstract animation combines direct-on-film painting and collaging on 35mm film with computer imaging via digitally manipulating the film images further. The iconic image of a square is reiterated and transformed in an abstract environment of colour and texture imbued with movement as the animated frames repeat in sequence across the screen.

The atmospheric soundtrack by Des Coulam, a Paris based sound recordist and sound designer, is an original location recording where random sounds, fragments of conversations and lively street music merge, creating auditory-visual associations.

A previous earlier version of this animation was an experimental animation in a different format, in shorter duration of 3 minutes and silent, created as a three-channel site-specific work for ‘Animation Goes MSU!’ which was part of ‘The World Festival of Animated Film – ANIMAFEST Zagreb 2015’ and exhibited on the media façade of the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art, 26 May – 14 June. The arts musuem showed 16 site-specific animated works selected from around the world including from Australia, France, USA, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Hong Kong, Great Britain, South Korea, Germany, Slovenia. The site-specific animation played across three screens simultaneously as a series of sequential frames. More details:


‘Abstract Iterations II’ is a subsequently completely reworked and longer animation film completed in August 2015, which is a one-screen animation 16:9 with sound.


Screenings and links:
London International Animation Festival 2015, UK

New York City Independent Film Festival 2016, USA

Sydney Film Festival 2016, Australia
Melbourne International Animation Festival 2016, Australia
Anibar International Animation Festival 2016, Kosovo
Animaze: The Montreal International Animation Film Festival 2016, Canada
Ottawa International Animation Festival 2016, Canada



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