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2009 | 2D computer animation | 2’22 | DVD | colour | sound

Produced, directed, animated, edited by Sabrina Schmid

copyright © 2009 sabrina schmid, united kingdom



Evariations is an abstract animation experimenting within the basic parameters of just dots and lines as abstract non-representational imagery that is hand-drawn digitally. The method of 'frame-less' or 'camera-less' animation and frame-by-frame drawing is transposed to digital means to give a handmade aesthetic to the computer animation. The animation is set to an excerpt from "Tiresias' Prophecy" original music composed by Sebastian Castagna, which is a 'song without words' exploring the ways in which vocal sounds produce meaning when the semantic level of the words is removed. Viols, other early-music instruments and electroacoustic soundscapes 'orchestrate' the vocal lines.


Screenings and links:

Punto Y Raya Festival 2009, International Competition Program, Barcelona, Spain

International touring programme 'The Best of PyR 2009' trailer

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