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Abstracted Reflections


2011 | 2D computer animation | 3’35 | DVD | colour | sound

Produced, directed, animated, edited by Sabrina Schmid

copyright © 2011 sabrina schmid, united kingdom



The animation is a short experimental audio-visual work exploring visual abstraction by animating a series of still photographs which were image processed to abstract their forms and manipulate colour. Two observations were photographed for constructing the sequences: one is an observation of light reflecting on water, which creates a moving pattern of circular shapes. Another is an aerial view of a mountain terrain displaying a distinct pattern of lines. The visual transitions and changes of colour intend to reflect the moods and tones of the electronic music soundscape 'Stairs' by Ren Reii (Igor Markov) from the composer's EP 'Faraway Times'.


Screenings and links:

Punto Y Raya Festival 2011, Madrid, Spain

PyR Official Competition Festival Trailer 2011


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