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Coincidence 1
2013 | 2D computer animation | 1’00 | HD1080 | colour | sound
Produced, directed, animated, edited by Sabrina Schmid

copyright © 2013, sabrina schmid, united kingdom

This is a playful animation where varied geometric forms rearrange themselves into changing abstract patterns endlessly either by intention or by chance. This abstract animation reminds you of looking through a kaleidoscope but in animated form. Music by Andy Stokes.


Screenings and links:

KALEIDAEYE reflections on infinite systems, curated by Sarah Klein at Peephole Cinema - A Miniature Cinema, San Francisco, USA, 24 May - 4 July 2016

Media Canvas at Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival 2014, South Korea

Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival Winter 2013, USA

Women's Independent Film Festival 2013, California, USA, ‘Award of Merit’

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