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Animator & Digital Artist | Filmmaker 

Sabrina Schmid is an animator and independent filmmaker based in Melbourne, who has made short experimental animations independently since the 1980's. Originally, she studied Fine Art Painting at RMIT, followed by Animation at Swinburne School of Film & TV, completed in Melbourne, Australia.


She began her career in animation making several award-winning short animations in Melbourne, while working as freelance illustrator and designer. She then taught animation in the UK from 2001-2021 as senior lecturer. She continued to create animations, using digital techniques and exploring abstract imagery.


During the pandemic, at the end of 2021 she returned to Australia.


Currently, she is working on several independent animation projects.

Her films have screened at numerous animation festivals including the Melbourne International Animation Festival 2023, London International Animation Festival 2015, Animaze Montreal 2016, Ottawa 2016, Punto Y Raya Festival 2016, amongst many other festivals.

Her animations have been cited in the animation book 'Animation: A World History' by G. Bendazzi (2015) in the Volume 2, Chapter 17: Australia - Avant-Garde Animation, p. 433, and in the Volume 3, Chapter 7: Oceania – Australia, p. 332.


Her short abstract films are represented in the audio-visual archive ‘PyR TV’ published by the Punto Y Raya film festival, Barcelona, Spain, a selective online platform and media library that is a comprehensive film collection in the genre of ‘abstract art in motion’.


Artist Statement

Originally I practiced fine art painting and combined with my interest in the cinematic moving-image, it led me to work in animation as an art form and a creative vehicle for artistic expression.


Animation in its many forms, styles and genres is a unique medium that allows for continuing experimentation and innovation.


I work in digital media combining digital photography, traditional materials and computer animation applied to moving image art. In recent short films I explore abstracted imagery to create experimental animations. 


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